A virtual user is a term used to define an entity inside or outside of your organization, who is either not employed by the company or is an internal or external service provider. For example, your reception or support helpdesk are virtual users, as different employees could be part of the reception or helpdesk. The virtual users have phone numbers and email accounts yet they are not part of your headcount. An external virtual user could also be, for example, an "Insurance Agent".  In this case, an onboarding task for a new employee might include email correspondence to the insurance agency providing insurance services. The virtual user could be a specific individual at the insurance agency or it could simply be an email address that connects to a helpdesk or service center.

To add a Virtual User

1. From the main workspace, click Settings and select the Virtual Users tab.

2. Enter the following information:
-- Virtual User title - the name of the user, for example, Information or Reception.
-- Virtual user email - the email address used to send to the user, for example, info@ or support@.
-- Add Recipient - select the email address of a real employee who will receive the messages sent to the virtual user.
3. Click Add virtual user to add additional virtual users.

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