The organization structure that you created while signing up to Mensch can be modified and changed according to the changes in your organization. You can modify the various hierarchy levels, add departments and view a graphic display of the organizational structure.

To Modify the Organizational Structure 

1. Navigate to People Settings and select the Organizational Structure sub-tab.

You can now view the hierarchy levels of your organization. They are marked
Levels 1, 2 and 3 and are named according to the name you provided during the account setup.
2. Click the title of any of the levels to change the name of the level, and click Save or press Enter.

3. Click any department from the list to edit the name and click the '+' sign or press Enter. To remove an item from the list, click the Trash icon. [We recommend to avoid deleting department that were in use in the past to keep proper tracking of historical changes]
Note:  You can view or hide all departments and teams by clicking Expand all / Collapse all and you can hover over the icons of the levels to highlight all of the departments or teams that belong to that hierarchy level. 

Move Click the dots surface to the left of each item to drag it under another item/level

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